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Simon of Cana or through "dear Theophilus" who was close to St. But all of these cases were limited to some individuals only.

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With such variations in dates, most of the ancient historians preferred not to guess and rather to stress on the events themselves. Certainly he didn’t come before the Council of Jerusalem which was about 50 After the Council of Jerusalem, he accompanied St. By the time he arrived, his sandal was already torn, so he went to Anianus, a cobbler, to repair it. Mark, that " God blessed him for his unique enthusiasm.

While Anianus was holding the needle, it went through his finger and he screamed from pain and said, "O’ the One God". Mark was delighted when he heard this phrase, which was an appropriate chance to begin talking to him about that One God. The land which was full of darkness of the filth among the unbelievers, was changed by St. On his return, he found that the church he planted, grew and became prosperous and the number of the believers increased tremendously.

It was also appropriate to ease him from his pain first, so he took some mud and spat on it and put it on his wound, saying, "In the name of Jesus Christ, Son of God, heal this hand." (4) It was healed on the spot as if nothing happened to it. When his sandal was repaired he was invited to go to Anianus’ home to talk more about that God. Mark entered the house he made the sign of the cross and asked God’s Blessing to fill it. He talked with him about the scriptures, the prophets, the incarnation, the miracles, the crucifixion and the great sacrifice He provided to the world. Mark the Evangelist to a heavenly paradise, with justice shinning over it." (6) Maximos Mazloom, the Patriarch of the Greek Catholic Melchites, wrote about St. and a church was built in the eastern part of Alexandria, known as Pokalia.

Anianus was surprised at the miracle which was done in the name of Jesus Christ and opened his heart to the Word of God. Mark asked him about the One God he called, but Anianus replied that he heard about Him, but didn’t know Him. (5) He stayed with this family talking about Lord Christ. Mark, " He pulled the inhabitants to the faith in Christ, in grooves, with God’s blessing and the marvelous miracles he did,Alexandria became a second Jerusalem, similar to what happened when the Holy Spirit descended in the Chamber of Zion . Mark, "For he is profitable to me in the ministry." [2 Titus ]St. His success to convert large numbers to believe was due to his deep spirituality, and his strong relation with God.

Alexandria was the cultural capital of the world when St. Its famous School was the centre of science and philosophy with a library filled with hundreds of thousands of books. There was the old Pharaohnic religion, that had many gods like Isis, Oziris, Hirus, Amun, Abis, Hathur etc., under the great god Ra.


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