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In this respect there are more branches on the pipe line to be opened in Addis Ababa and in region this fiscal year.The lists of existing city (91) and outlying (94) branches of BOA are on the table below.Manama : Bahrain Financing Company (BFC), has opened its 46th branch yesterday in the Harbour Gate within Bahrain Financial Harbour.

Since its establishment, guided with clear vision, mission and values, BOA has made great strides in business growth and development.

Consequently upon this, as of March 31, 2016 the following have been registered.

Authorized and paid up capital of Birr 1.5 billion and Birr 1.1 billion, respectively, a total deposit balance of Birr 12.79 Billion and a total loans and advances of Birr 8.2 billion, which in effect enhance the risk absorbing and the lending capacity of the Bank.

Following a strong demand for better service and products from all directions on the one hand, and a ground-breaking development in ICT, on the other, BOA has replaced its in –house IT system with the state-of- the art technology called T24 and started ATM and POS services with Habesha card and mobile banking services .

Bank of Abyssina, which started banking services with only one branch in 1996,has 185 domestic branch networks,of which 91 branches are in Addis Ababa and the remaining 94 are established in bankable towns all over the country.


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    James Mwangi, Chairman, Kenya's Vision 2030 and Group CEO of Equity Bank will be holding diaspora meetings in London to discuss "Emerging Investment opportunities in Kenya" as from Friday 30th September, 2016 and Saturday 1st October, 2016.

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