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Dove is a German company which never fails to impress you with their wonderful products. Derma Spa products are as luxurious as any found at a spa. I would have preferred if the lid closed a little tighter. Must try for everyone out there especially if you have dry skin or during winter months. Pamper your skin with spa kind of products and your skin will thanks you.

Last month Dove has come up with a new range of products called Derma Spa. The bottle has a flap lid which opens and closes easily. Do I Recommend Dove Derma Spa Goodness Body Lotion?

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Packaging looks luxurious like very expensive brands.

Seeing the thick consistency I was worried about it getting absorbed in to the skin. The body lotion gets easily absorbed in to the skin and doesn't feel oily or greasy.

The lotion is very easy to spread over the skin and it gets absorbed within seconds. • Leaves the skin silky smooth and well moisturized.

A very little amount was sufficient for my entire leg.

Hope you all enjoying the Sunday, this is Keerthi again with another Dove product review and this time it is Dove indulgent nourishment body lotion with Shea butter.