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He points out that while American coders ride private, Wi-Fi-equipped shuttles to work, their Indian counterparts sometimes commute hours to their city-center jobs from slum areas.

And for much of India’s recent history, working in IT and software development was the surest ticket out of poverty, so the field likely attracted some young people who were more interested in simply putting food on the table than perfecting recursions.“Maybe, just maybe, there could be a correlation between quality of life and quality of work?

” Rangan wrote.“That's not to say there aren't some god-awful programmers in America too.

It’s just that the massive number of developers in India, most of whom have not been taught the right concepts, end up skewing the perception about the quality of work that comes out of India.”Of course, there’s a reason that Indian code always seems to be the target: The country dominates as a destination for Americans’ outsourced IT work—taking up 65 percent of the U. outsourced IT market in 2008—all carried out by an educated, English-speaking young people who toil for 30 to 40 percent of the cost of an American developer.

Some estimates hold that IBM now has more workers in India than in the U. Meanwhile, problems are always bound to arise when a crucial chunk of a company’s workforce operates off-site, as Marissa Mayer might attest, especially when there are time zones and linguistic barriers at play.