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Many states have created a system that does not fit the model below in (1), and you should follow whatever the jurisdiction in Table 1 indicates. (2) A short form may be used when the subsequent citation is in the same general area as the original full citation, and the reader can easily identify and locate the original citation.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- State Material - Rule 13 Similiar to federal bills and resolutions, except indicate the proper abbreviation for the state leglislative body according to Table 9.

For Federal debates, use the Congressional Record, for example 111 Cong. Consult Bluepage Rule 10 and 10.8.2 for abbreviation, capitalization, short forms, dates, pinpoints, etc. For example, Brief of Petitioner-Appellant at 2006, Suffolk Law School v.

Short Forms - See Rule 13.7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When submitting briefs to a court, you will often have to cite to other court documents that are not opinions, e.g. These are usually from a judgment in a lower court (for the case you are now briefing for) or court documents produced for the current level of litigation.

not in a reporter), then put a U after the sequential number.

(5) If an opinion has been deemed "unpublished" (i.e.