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Basically, it's an all-expenses paid road rally, and thereís a $250,000 prize at the end for the winner.

It shoots in October, and the requirements are as follows: 1) Each team (2 persons) must have fantastic mechanical knowledge of cars (how to build engines and repair their cars); 2) Must be 21-40 years of age; 3) Must have a dynamic personality and a fierce competitive drive.

I know there's got to be more than a few of you out there who qualify. Korea based artist management agency JYP Entertainment will be scouting Southern California for the next "Chinese Rain." (Who was the first Chinese Rain? Here's a story on Chinese women going under the knife to look more beautiful (= Western): Chinese students spend summer holidays trading faces. So, about two years ago, Urban Outfitters came out with a line of "Everyone Loves A..." t-shirts.

To apply, and for more information, go here or contact Beth at [email protected] General Motors, which has accounted for roughly one-fifth of the advertising revenue on the CBS reality show Survivor this year, and has been a prominent sponsor since the show's debut in 2000, has decided not to advertise on the show's upcoming season—though the company says the decision is unrelated to the new race-based format: G. Drops 'Survivor' but Says Racial Format Isn't the Reason. ) They'll be holding auditions in collaboration with Asian television station LA 18 "to discover a stand-out Chinese talent (singer, actor, model, VJ, MC) to add to their impressive list of performers." Saturday, September 23rd, at Santa Anita Park's Top of the Stretch Auditorium in Arcadia. Says one woman: "I want to be more beautiful, to perfect myself," Pan, a student at one of China's most prestigious law schools, told Reuters in the waiting room of Ever Care Xingfu hospital. I would also like to make my nose higher," said the attractive 23-year-old. the official Nobody Loves An Angry Asian Man t-shirt! You know, "Everyone Loves An Italian Girl," "Everyone Loves A Jewish Girl," "Everyone Love A Latin Girl," so on and so forth—you get the idea.

Other advertisers that have pulled out include Coca-Cola, Home Depot, United Parcel Service and Campbell Soup. Here's a nice piece from the Arizona Daily Star on the story of Jim and Katherine Tagawa, a couple that met in the "Rivers" detention camp in Arizona during World War II: From detention to Purple Heart Another article on the popularity of the so-called Korean Wave across Asia, with Japanese women apparently going crazy over Korean men: Japanese Women Catch the 'Korean Wave'. The Ever Care in Beijing is one of thousands of plastic surgery clinics mushrooming across China with promises to make patients more beautiful, more successful and more marriageable. And of course, they had the Everyone Loves An Asian Girl shirt (which, strangely, is being modeled by a blonde-haired, blue-eyed white girl on the website).