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I ditched all the popularity contests, “rate my photo” clones, and other features that didn’t directly contribute to this goal. Throughout development I would remind myself of the KISS principle.Minimize interference Only utilize other people when you absolutely have to, especially if you plan on keeping overhead low.I saw the project from start to finish before I wrote a single line of code and knew that I could do everything on my own.

Identify an Opportunity I’m single and after trying the online dating thing I quickly ascertained two things: – The paid online dating market is very saturated – The free online dating market is also saturated but with sites that are clunky, difficult to use, so littered with ads they’re nearly unusable, and bombarded with useless features I saw an opening and I took it: I knew I could build something better in a very short period of time with almost no overhead.

The beauty of this iss that if this site isn’t successful there’s no layoffs, burned VC funding, and I’m ultimately not contributing to another dot-com crash.

All I’ve lost is 66.5 hours and a couple bags of coffee beans, I’ll just go back to my day job.

Brain-dump First I did a brain-dump of all the features I’d like to have on a dating website.

I didn’t put them in any particular order or attempt to categorize things, I just wrote them down as they came to me.