Catfishing online dating scams

This is an enormous red flag." "I shaved my head to raise money for kids cancer research," says Wilkerson, who earned over ,000 and donated 23 inches of hair.

"I joined online dating because I could easily explain my baldness right then and there. They thought I was sick, or Britney Spears-type crazy." But the man, who called himself Nathan Pfister wasn't in Collins.

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Online dating is challenging enough, without having to worry about scammers.

After all, you may be fretting that the photos you've posted don't show you at your best.

You may be wondering why you don't get more "likes" or "smiles" from the men or women you're trying to attract.

And you may be worried about how things will go, if you meet someone in person for a date.

As online dating has become more popular and mainstream – is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year – and more and more dating sites are cropping up, the risks of falling prey to greedy scammers is becoming greater.