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This production promised a fair bit, especially that it was a revival of the classic Zeffirelli production from 1982, and delivers, it is wonderful in almost every single way.

The only things that didn't come across as quite to me were that the Act 3 quartet staging-wise could have been more intimate with just the four of them and without the additional stage business, and Oren Gradus personally was a little stiff as Colline, he sings without major complaint though apart from Vecchio Zimarra needing more resonance.

Visually, this La Boheme is very handsome to look at with an opulent Act 2, a hauntingly lit Act 3 and the Acts 1 and Act 4 garret setting as beautifully mounted as it is authentically cold(as it should).

The costumes suit the characters' personalities and they look Bohemian at least with tasteful colours and the lighting is neither too bright or too dark.

It doesn't just look striking but there is a real eye for detail, then again it is Zeffirelli so that shouldn't come too much of a surprise.