Camping camber sands east sussex

But for those families wanting to holiday with friends – why not hire both cabins and have the space entirely to yourselves?

We’ve found this works perfectly for family get-togethers or friends with children of similar ages.

ADDITIONAL CABIN FACILITIES Meadow Keeper’s cottage has its own private pond – often frequented by Heron, and sometimes visited by Kingfishers – it’s the perfect place for bird watching.

WOODCUTTER’S COTTAGE Woodcutter’s is straight out of Little Red Riding Hood.

A cottage-on-wheels made of wood and surrounded by wood.

It’s another one-off, custom made by local carpenters and woodsmen from locally sourced timber.

You will find it in a secluded dell at the end of The Dean Wood, an eight acre chestnut and oak coppiced woodland surrounded by hornbeam, holly, hazel, oak and chestnut hedgelines.

Clad in rough cut timber planking, and roofed with chestnut shingles, it has Please note we are totally off-grid – there is no electricity supply FARM SHOP Our little Farm Shop is at the top of the hill and is the place to go to for snacks and treats, ice creams and souvenirs!


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