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We also offer optional learn to ride Soft Start™ coaching Session One - Four and Hot Laps™ freeride coaching Sessions One and Two. The picturesque alpine village of Government Camp, located at the 4000-foot level of Mt. Not only the closest, Government Camp has all the life you’d want with Cobra Dogs, Volcano Cones, The Burton Demo Center, and other great little restaurants and shops to explore.

For more information on Soft Start™ and Hot Laps™ click the links to the right. When you are in the human experience business, your people are what make the difference and that could not be more true than at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. We have never cancelled a session due to lack of snow. It’s not so much that we have the most jumps, rails, freeride terrain and North America’s only 22′ Superpipe for snowboarders, it’s that they’re purpose-built for snowboarding and snowboard coaching (which means your rapid, safe progression). Hood is the only mountain in North America where you can freeride on over two miles of groomed trails in the summertime. Just taking a walk down main street to grab a hot dog is an experience in itself.

We know that you have many choices when it comes to summer camps so we want you to know what sets High Cascade Snowboard Camp apart from the rest . We have hundreds of applicants each year, selecting only small percentage to work for us. That means the jumps, rails, pipes and coaching are designed just for snowboarders. We figure that if you’re going to get on a plane or jump in the car to get to Mt. And Timberline’s two high-speed express quads making getting back to the top quick and easy. Freedom within the confines of an amazing alpine village.

Then we train them better, pay them better, reward them and rest them better than any of our competitors. Hood, you might as well stay awhile and get the most of your time and money. High Cascade is only a short 6-mile drive to the lifts. HCSC’s chalet accommodations are the nicest of any camp you may consider.

Our camp program for young men and women takes place in a structured environment where they are guided to achieve significant results during their camp stay, while also allowing this age group choices when it comes to their daily schedule/fitness selection.