Camera phone pic sexy

camera phone pic sexy-68

I had pretty much written the whole thing off and was deep in the process of thinking I’d made a stupid choice buying the camera in the first place when a few days later I got an e-mail with the scans from Photoworks.

Despite the meager resolution of their scans, you could still see extremely good resolution in the eyes (where I’d actually gotten them in focus), plus the was honestly even more captivating than I’d hoped.

And though I was initially disappointed to see the few shots that hadn’t turned out and I never did get the lighting how I wanted it, they managed to save most of the shots from overexposure in the processing, and I realized I had enough decent pictures to try execute the initial concept.

So I asked my wife Lauren to Photoshop the selects together and then uploaded the finished photos to Facebook. Casey uploaded the pictures to an Imgur album and posted it to Reddit.

larger than the sensor on a Nikon D800 or 5DMKIII “full frame” camera.