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Kristina tells Adam that she doesn't want Max learning about bases, because she doesn't think Dylan is going to like him, and she doesn't want to get his sweet, little Max hopes up. He may like Dylan at a five, but she may only like him at a one or two, meaning they can still be friends, which is fine. Tell me what I missed and I'll see you next week, bye!

Adam, to Kristina's displeasure, explains that the number can change—for example, when he first met Kristina, she only liked him at a two. After talking to Dylan, Max concludes, sweetly, that he can "work with" her number (2.5) over the next decade, and that she will someday be his. Also at the BBQ—there are so many characters on this show! Crosby got real drunk because Jasmine won't let him kill himself on his motorcycle, and he's sick of playing with Jabbar.

—Julia's new boyfriend came by and Joel saw him playing basketball with everyone. Sorry, Joel, that's what happens when your character completely changes and you abandon your family and your family's beautiful house! Later he shows up at Julia's work to yell at her, and she agrees that she should've talked to him before introducing Boyfriend to the family. Does anyone in the world have a harder life than Crosby?

Chicagoans is a first-person account from off the beaten track, as told to Anne Ford.

This week's Chicagoan is Gina Monique, marijuana trimmer and advocate for the compassionate use of cannabis.