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Still, many people spend too much money every month on highly priced SMS plan.

Is it good in this digital era, where we can get tons of free online sources to send SMS? Way2sms is one of the best and oldest online free messaging SMS service in India.

Here messages can be send to any mobile network across the India 24 hours in day and 7 days in week.

It’s more convenient and hassle free site and offers lot apart from just the free SMS all over India.

One can easily access multiple social networking sites and send mail directly through the site.

It is only site that allows users to send SMS with their name instead of site name. In a very short span of time, it has got huge success and reached more than 20 million people in India. This person to person communication network is discovered by Raju Vanapala in 2006.

It is India’s first free text messaging site that allows chat, emails and social media alerts along with SMS service.