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Some of their largest brands are SEAFOLLY, JETS, Tigerlily, Billabong and Piping Hot, all of which have mostly full coverage bottom swim suits. You won’t have a hard time finding a brazilian cut or thong wearing girl in Brazil, it is a part of life.There is a small cult of brazilian wearing bikinis along the coast lines but generally Australia will wear a full coverage bottom and moderate coverage top. We admire Brazilian women’s confidence with their body and think every girl should own one of their small cut bathing suits!

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France has a unique taste in swimwear, they enjoy more conservative suits, high waisted and full coverage suits are popular.

The most reputable brand of swimwear in France is ERES.

French woman take a very tasteful and fashionable approach to swimwear.

On the beaches of China you will see mostly full coverage suits and one pieces.

Chinese women are not at the beach to get a tan, in fact they will stay shaded most of the time to protect their skin.


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