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In particular, removing obstacles to their own success would be very helpful.If certain obstacles act as poverty magnets, what are some apt ways to remove them? They simultaneously eliminate a financial constraint and relieve emotional pressure.However, not everyone in need receives those, and the timings can be very ad-hoc.

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Local leaders are closest to the problem and their actions cause direct impact.

Yet, leaving aside cruelly autocratic regimes, even a well-meaning government’s policy could turn out more restrictive than freeing and make it harder to escape poverty. Shah, economist and founding president of New Delhi’s Centre for Civil Society, researches restrictive economic policies as an artificial hurdle for the poor.

The licenses required to be micro entrepreneurs–street hawkers or cycle rickshaw drivers–are one such policy.

A government might be aiming for better quality of goods and services, or for improved urban space management.

What is the difference between the rich and the poor? On a daily basis, poor individuals face a set of constraints.