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Director: Majid Majidi (2001, Persian, 94 mins) Reviews: Rotten Tomatoes (89%), IMDB (7.7), Amazon, Roger Ebert. She starts remembering her childhood, when she was nine or ten. Out of sheer compassion (not to impress her or win her over), Latif goes to great lengths to alleviate her suffering. The story revolves around a 27-year old girl Taeko. A simple minded Persian boy (Latif) falls madly in love with a young Afghan refugee girl. To feed her family of six, the girl has to work in harsh conditions because her dad was badly injured at a construction site. In the entire movie, the girl never speaks a sentence. He finds her hair clip with a single strand of hair caught in it :) In another scene, when he is looking for her, he meets an old cobbler who perchance remarks, "From the hot fire of being apart, comes the flame that burns the heart." :) The last scene highlights the beauty and ephemerality of all life experiences: the boy smiles happily when he sees an imprint of Baran's shoe in mud. With comedy, nostalgia and romance packaged together into a wonderful work of art.

There is no 'cat bus', no mythical creatures, no fantasy. In fact, the beauty of the movie lies in its simplicity.

It reminds me of movies like 'An Autumn Afternoon' by Yasujiro Ozu.

Details: Taeko is an unmarried city girl with a busy but boring life. During the trip, she starts remembering seemingly mundane events from her childhood: how she was picky and didn't like certain foods, how she had quarrels with her sisters over bags and clothes, how she was awed by big bathhouses, what happened when girls of her age started getting their periods, how her dad didn't let her participate in drama because it wasn't perceived as a good line of work, how her dad slapped her the only time in her life, how she developed feelings for a boy for the first time, how she had a difficult time understanding division of a fraction by another fraction, how she continued to feel guilty at being unkind and rejectful towards a boy who sat next to her for several months, and so on.

Scenes of the past are interleaved with scenes from the present.

During her trip to the countryside, Taeko develops a friendship with Toshio, a joyful farmer who loves nature and organic farming. The movie interleaves the present and the past very well. The interleaving increases as the movie progresses, culminating in a beautiful end sequence. All in all, the movie narrates a story of self realization - what makes us truly happy? The most endearing conversations that I remember from my hikes centered around memories from childhood Good review — Another good review.