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I think I just had a natural affinity for conversations with people who talk like engineers.(More on Detecting Autism Early with a Five-Minute Questionnaire) It runs the gamut, depending on age and whether or not they were diagnosed in childhood.

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Either they figure it out themselves because they read something, or are referred because a mental health professional suspects it.

Those people are usually coming to me, in the very best situation, to confirm the diagnosis and help put their past life in perspective through a new pair of glasses.

Sometimes all the person needs is to frame things differently, in terms of the struggles they might have had.

That’s helpful for some and sometimes they have just one or two sessions.

Row: Lauren Armstrong is furious with staff at the Cineworld in Rochester, Kent, who she claims laughed and pointed at her two-year-old daughter Jessica (pictured together), who has Down's syndrome and suspected autism, when she became upset during a film screening It was spotted by Odeon in Chatham Maritime, who invited Jessica and her family - including her mother, father Liam, brother Harry, seven, and sister Lilly, four - for a VIP day out, complete with free food, drinks and goody bags.