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In advance of his movie "Anonymous," out in theaters October 28th, director Roland Emmerich spouts off ten powerful arguments against the Stratford-upon-Avon scribe's authority as the author of 36 plays, 154 sonnets and two poems.

In true Emmerich fashion -- he of catastrophe movies "Godzilla," "Independence Day," "2012" -- the movie's thunderous trailer presents Shakespeare as an elaborate ruse and hyperbolizes 16th-century England, with beheadings, sordid affairs, and a confused-looking Vanessa Redgrave thrown into the mix.

My middle school English teacher may have a heart attack, but that's besides the point: Emmerich actually makes some pretty solid points throughout, the most powerful of which are presented in the video above. Curiously, Emmerich also makes the point that "writing comes from the heart...

call me a romantic, but I believe great artists are inspire by our life," leaving us to ponder what giant earth-shattering events transpired in this disaster-loving director's own life.

de Vere spins his personal vendettas into enduring poetry; Emmerich has turned his Pop Art aspirations into lucrative spectacle, vaporizing the White House on two separate occasions (is crap. Thomas Looney (a really unfortunate surname if you're going into the conspiracy theory business) in 1920 and spun into its current unwieldy shape by Looneyites like Percy Allen and Paul Streitz, the whole thing turns around the idea that the most mutable texts in the English language can only truly be understood through the biography of an obscure 16th century aristocrat.