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Pupils also pruned the fruit trees and harvested corn whist on the farm.Ken Dunn of Connecting Communities Worldwide said: “The values of the co-operative movement resonate with the values of this school – our work in the Malealea community is a real manifestation of this.” The students also ran an English class at the local primary school, which they found particularly rewarding and enjoyable.

Ten students from Anglo European, a co-operative school in Ingatestone, Essex, have taken part in a pioneering venture and partnership between the sixth form students and the Malealea community in Lesotho.

As well as an educational visit, experiencing inspirational and moving visits to District 6, Robben Island and Boer War battlefield sites, the mission was focused on building long-term relationships with the Malealea community in conjunction with Chelmsford Star Co-operative, Connecting Communities Worldwide and the charity Africa’s Gift.

The economic and social development of the area is overseen by the Malealea Development Trust (MDT).

This has a number of roles, including education, infrastructure, health and wellbeing and the environment.

The majority of the money raised by the school for the community was spent on ‘Wonderbags’, which look like a small beanbag, but are actually a non-electric slow cooker.


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