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And what she will do with all the fame being a heroine: “When I get lot of money from my work, I will buy a flat for my family, an activa for myself and get my younger sister enrolled in an English medium school! A student of Class 9, Poonam lives with her father, Kesarsingh, mom Kanku and siblings in a one-bedroom flat on the third (top) floor in Gota housing colony, life is not fun, not easy.

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Amdavadi girl’s ‘Good Road’ to fame For Poonam Kesarsingh, 14, who plays the role of an 11-year-old lost girl that accidentally ends up in a brothel on the highway, the importance of Oscars or the dark underbelly of a lusty world are things she is still far, far away from.

While ‘The Good Road’ makes its way into the Mecca of good movies as India’s official entry, the child is still blissfully ignorant what the role, she had actually played in the movie, meant.

Life has begun its journey in the good road indeed for the little girl, who danced to the tune of “Left leg aage aage” in the auditions for the film, from where she was picked up.

Poonam has never placed the wrong foot first ever since...

“I was told that I am playing an ordinary girl, who is lost in the desert.