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This guy has risen from the ashes so many times he'd make a phoenix jealous. "When you fail it's not like you say, 'OK, I failed now. I have to remember that every time I've been in these situations before, better things have happened as a result. Yeah." The cage felt like a familiar place that I put myself in after every time I fail.

But failure isn't as glorious as that analogy might paint it. So you instantly don't fail once you feel that way." Despite being a successful entrepreneur, investor and author, Altucher now chooses to lead a minimalist lifestyle: He doesn't have a home. He only owns 15 things, including a laptop, i Pad and three sets of chinos. I was only in there for a minute – but it was a very long minute.

The New York City loft he's living in right now has what can best be described as a go-go dancer cage. Altucher eventually let me out of the cage and we chatted for 90 minutes.

It's the first thing I saw when I stepped off the elevator. A conversation with him can really span the gamut: We talked about everything from family court to Spanx, Ohio University, networking, the word "because," badminton and failure. Here are the 7 things I learned from James Altucher about failure – things that help you learn, grow and move on, not stay locked in a cage feeling sorry for yourself.

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