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Soon when the mission gets personal, Cross is pushed to the edge of his moral and psychological limits to end this once and for all.

Alex Cross is on his last police duty to track down an assassin called Picasso, who's been torturing and killing rich businessmen in Detroit.

The trailer was a slice of many of the best scenes but, unfortunately the real film falls so sadly short of good storyline due to poor dialog and some jerky acting that the viewer struggles to make sense of the various actors.

If this film had been prescreened (proof read) any average movie-goer would have pointed out just how poorly made it was.

Five of Cohen's productions have been seen abroad, in Australia, Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic; two of these, written by Bryan Reynolds, have been with the Transversal Theater Company, a Dutch-American experimental theatre group: "Railroad" at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania and The National Theatre, Cluj, Romania, May–June 2006; "Blue Shade" at Teatr Lalek, Wrocław, Poland; Teatr Modjeska, Legnica, Poland; Teatr 77, Łódź, Poland; Divadlo DISK, Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU), Prague, Czech Republic, May–June 2007; Teatrul Mic, 17th Annual National Theatre Festival, Bucharest, Romania, November 2007.


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