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I'm tweaking my manuscript and it dawned on me that I never wrote about the actual moment I knew my husband was leaving me. I'd surprised my husband with tickets to see Jack Johnson in Chicago mid-summer, and had just squared away the childcare arrangements with my mother-in-law.I've told this story so many times, to so many people, that I kind of assumed that I'd written it down. I'm thinking that this would be a good first chapter. Marriages will go stale if they're not tended to properly, you know. It started out as normal as any Saturday got around our house.

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The child who had hastened our wedding plans, Charlie, was 10, our girl Molly was 8, Henry was 6 and the baby, William, was 4.

For now, please have a read: We were eleven and a half years into our marriage.

I was secretly, guiltily, dying to get away from the kids for a few days, and to reconnect with my fella. Big Daddy had taken off first thing that morning, saying he had some errands to run.

I did the usual weekend stuff with the kids: went to a t-ball game or two, cleaned a little, played a little, putzed around in our shiny, newly remodeled kitchen.

He poured me a glass, and set it next to me on the gleaming granite countertop.