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“Tokyo Ghoul” is a television adaptation of the manga series of the same name, written by Sui Ishida, that is airing on Tokyo MX since July 2014.The show was also broadcast in the United States, thanks to FUNimation Studio and was distributed in Australia through “Madman Entertainment.”The first season, consisting of twelve episodes, adapted by studio Pierrot, has aired on Tokyo MX in the period of July 2014—September 2014.The second season of the anime TV series titled “Tokyo Ghoul √A” has aired during the period of January 8, 2015—March 26, 2015.

As a result, Kaneki turns into a half-ghoul, who ought to consume human flesh to survive.

Kaneki aspires to preserve his humanness, intending to keep the connection with the human world, being forced to interact with ghoul society.

The storyline of evolves three years after the events that took place in “Tokyo Ghoul.” After the invasion of “CCG” in the coffee shop “Anteiku,” Ken Kaneki has disappeared.

“CCG”initiates “Quinx Squad,” a squad of humans, who obtained abilities, similar to Kaneki.

Haise Sasaki heads this squad, that aims to find and destroy all the ghouls.